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Mansa Moussa ruled the Mali empire in the early 14th century. He is considered the richest man of all time. His reign shows that wealth and fortune are realities with meaning, symbolism and history in Africa. Today, as more and more wealthy African businessmen and women reshape, transform and build the African continent by creating jobs, their image and legitimacy are often questionable. In this essay, Michel Lobé Ewané has chosen to do them justice, through testimonies collected and surveys carried out with these personalities from the world of finance, commerce and industry.

Former editor-in-chief of Forbes Afrique magazine, Cameroonian journalist Michel Lobé Ewané gained his experience at the BBC in London, where he worked for ten years, and at Mutations, the Cameroon daily newspaper of which he was managing director. Now Managing Director for Africa of the American financial group Joseph Sassoon, he is also an advisor to Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi of Dubai.

Ancien rédacteur en chef du magazine Forbes Afrique, le journaliste camerounais Michel Lobé Ewané a notamment acquis son expérience à la BBC à Londres où il a travaillé pendant une dizaine d’années, et à Mutations, quotidien camerounais dont il a été le directeur général. Aujourd’hui directeur général pour l’Afrique du groupe financier américain Joseph Sassoon, il exerce aussi les fonctions de conseiller du Cheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi de Dubaï.

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Being a billionaire in Africa today

Being a billionaire in Africa today

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